Wrapping up before hitting the slopes this ski season probably seems obvious, after all you will be spending much of your time outdoors. Unfortunately, however it's not quite that straight forward. Preparing for the slopes takes more than just slipping into your thermal socks and throwing on your waterproof jacket!

Luckily for you, here at Portaski we have put together this essential guide to help you get off to the best possible start when preparing for your ski holiday. The clothing that you take is all that stands between you and the elements, so having the right kit is of the utmost importance when preparing to ski.

Start with a base layer of thermal underwear, this is vital in allowing sweat to move away from the skin, while retaining as much body heat as possible. Next you need to start thinking about layers, add a thick t-shirt and good quality fleece before considering which ski-trousers and jacket you're going to need.

When shopping for a ski jacket, look for one with lots of pockets to keep your valuables safe and store any snacks you might wish to carry with you. It's also important to go for a bright colour for you and your family to ensure plenty of visibility on the slopes. You should also consider a neck gaiter and balaclava to prevent any snow from getting beneath your layers.

Keeping your fingers, feet and head properly protected is a necessity when you're out in the elements. Your body loses heat the fastest from these areas, and without adequate protection you run the risk of extreme discomfort and potentially frostbite.

Gloves and mitts don't just keep your hands warm and dry; a good pair will have draw cords or wrist straps to keep out the wind and snow. A good quality pair of ski socks is essential, shop around for the most popular brands but take care to ensure that anything you buy is both warm and comfortable to avoid discomfort when wearing ski boots for long periods of time. Sunglasses with UV protection and/or ski goggles are another piece of essential kit, not only do they protect your eyes from cold winds and poor weather, but being able to see clearly when skiing is vital.

Be sure to check that ski helmets and boots can be hired from your resort before jetting off. Make sure that you know your weight and shoe size, preferably in European measurements to help the staff get you a perfect fit.

Despite being on a snowy mountain, believe it or not sunburn can still occur. Pack plenty of high factor sun cream and moisturiser to help protect your skin against the elements. Long periods of time outdoors can result in very dry and chapped skin, so moisturising every morning and night is a great tip.

With so much gear to remember, you will need your hands free for getting yourself around safely when carrying all of your kit! So remember to pack a PortaSki, the handy solution to carrying your skis over any surface.

With your Portaski packed, you're finally ready to hit the slopes. So from everyone here at Portaski, have a safe trip and a fantastic holiday!

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